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Personal productivity

Time management - Who's counting anyway?

Accomplishing goals in a timely manner is a balancing act for most, and more often than not the scales aren't  tipped in our favor.  Think about it; if you were to rate yourself, would you say that you use your time efficiently: 
- Always?
- Most of the time?
- Some of the time?
- Never?

Depending on your response, you may not be struggling to "Keep up," and that's great!  On the flip side, you may be feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all that you want.

Be Inspired

Last time I checked, summer was just beginning and now, it's coming to an end or already has (according to Airline speak, summer ends on Aug 23rd)!  Given the longer daylight hours, has it been all play or have you managed to pull off the right balance between work and play?  Whatever the case may be, how do you stay/get inspired to work on your at-home organizing projects?

With the temperatures being what they have been i.e. long sultry days, I can see how tempting it would be to chill out and avoid working on say a garage, attic or outdoor project!

One, two, three

... four, five, once you caught the Organizing Bug!  Six, seven, eight, nine ten, and then you let it go away - Why did you let it go?  Because it (fill in the blanks):
Are the answers you've just supplied valid reasons or excuses?  And if they are just that (i.e. excuses), how then do you go about bringing balance in both your personal and professional life?  

As a guideline to get you started, try answering the following questions:

  1. How are you managing your time?
  2. Have you set up realistic expectations for yourself?
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