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STOP! the junk mail

LOVE this caption!   Doesn't it just epitomize what the majority of us feel about unwanted paper?

If you're reading this, chances are that  you dislike the clutter (mental and physical) that junk mail creates, and would do your utmost to ensure that it doesn't get past your door.  

The folks over at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse are dedicated to empowering consumers on how to protect their privacy, and have a website that's both informative & resourceful.

Resolutions - what's your take?

During a recent conversation with a friend, our discussion led to New Year's resolutions; the merits(or lack thereof) of setting any, and whether doing so at this particular time of the year didn't infact set a person up for failure.  

This got me wondering about New Year's resolutions(NYR), and why they are made: Is it because it is what's expected (societal pressure);  or is it because the person has committed to making a lifestyle change, is ready for the change and simply wants a fresh start at the beginning of the year?

State of Affairs

Having an organized fridge is a great way to save time & minimize your costs.  At any given time, you are aware of what you have, how soon it needs to be used, and what you need to stock up on.
Recently many people in the Mid West to the Mid Atlantic region were left without power for a number of days,  and unfortunately had to deal with the discomfort of having no a/c & food spoilage amongst other things.
Being one of the unlucky few who had to throw away food, I figured it would be a good time to sanitize and re-organize  the fridge.

Time management - Who's counting anyway?

Accomplishing goals in a timely manner is a balancing act for most, and more often than not the scales aren't  tipped in our favor.  Think about it; if you were to rate yourself, would you say that you use your time efficiently: 
- Always?
- Most of the time?
- Some of the time?
- Never?

Depending on your response, you may not be struggling to "Keep up," and that's great!  On the flip side, you may be feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all that you want.

Storage solutions - Front Entryway

Let's face it, first impressions make lasting ones!   

A home's front entryway impacts a visitor positively or negatively,  depending on what it looks like.  

So, are you putting your best foot forward when it comes to yours?  

If you have a busy household, there is a higher likelihood that your entryway won't always be in as perfect a state as you would like it to be.  However, there are ways to make it more functional so that any clutter that arises is easily contained.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

CLEAN, HEALTHY, GREEN- wouldn't it be great  if we could all describe our environment in this way?  Yesterday was Earth Day,and this got me thinking about the impact that we all could have on our surroundings just by making one little change in our daily habits/practices.  Think about it:  if you were to consciously eliminate or reduce waste, don't you think you would effect a change, and a positive one at that too?   

According to EPA, the amount of waste generated in the US is on the

Color Your World - Indoors {II}

- They packed a punch!  With their intensity and lusciousness, they filled our senses with vibrancy, at times shocking us with their audacity.

- Enticed we were by their softness, creating in us a sense of weightlessness. 

- Oh how they mixed and matched - boldly & beautifully, toned down,  contrasting & complementary - in ways perhaps that the mind had yet  to comprehend. 

- Showered we were with flowers, and our very core spoken to by the

Color your world - Indoors {I}

Color has an amazing ability to transform a space by:
-adding character
- tying together elements of a room for more cohesion, or
creating a mood {soothing, productive, vibrant etc.}

So this spring, why not kick-start your transition from winter by injecting some color into your home and surroundings?  How you ask? By doing so one room at a time!  

If you do not have the time, or budget for a large scale paint job, consider painting  either the interior/exterior of your cabinets(as shown in the pictures below) for a refreshing take on your space.

Be Inspired

Last time I checked, summer was just beginning and now, it's coming to an end or already has (according to Airline speak, summer ends on Aug 23rd)!  Given the longer daylight hours, has it been all play or have you managed to pull off the right balance between work and play?  Whatever the case may be, how do you stay/get inspired to work on your at-home organizing projects?

With the temperatures being what they have been i.e. long sultry days, I can see how tempting it would be to chill out and avoid working on say a garage, attic or outdoor project!

Is that the time?

Can't be! How is that even possible? Yet, you haven't even scratched the surface of your to-do-list!  Does that sound familiar? But you vow, come rain or sun, to get everything done before the day is over!  Is that even possible, and are you really being honest with yourself?  

Let's stick to the facts for a minute: a day has only 24 hours in it, right?  Within this time frame you need to work, eat, rest(sleep, chill out) and play (I see the raised eyebrows... yes,it is doable) right?
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