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We understand that your needs, budget and time commitments are as varied as the next person's, and that you may opt to work with us, alone or have us tailor a package suitable for you.  Here's how we can help:

                               MENU OF SERVICES
Hearth & Home: 
Find balance in just about any area of your home. Regardless of your project size(be it a junk drawer, a room or your entire home) or the challenge(s) at hand, we'll work with you to come up with simple yet effective solutions. 

-Closets & Drawers
- Kitchens & Pantries
- Living spaces
- Laundry rooms
- Storage spaces e.g. attics

Transitional Organization:
Whether your downsizing or relocating, starting a new life or merging your lives, going through a divorce or getting a new addition to the family - count on our guidance & support  in creating systems that'll accommodate the changes.

- Empty nesters
- Merging households
- Newly weds 
- Parents-to-be
- Relocators

W/Management & Styling: 
A well appointed closet should: combine functionality & accessibility, be easy to maintain; maximize storage; be visually & aesthetically appealing, and last but not least celebrate you.  

Packages include:
- Wardrobe  Audit
- Wardrobe  Edit
- Shop your closet 
- Closet redesign 
- Personal shopping 

Lifestyle Management Solutions:
Rest, Relax & Rejuvenate!  Take the time to enjoy life and do the things that really matter to you, and if you're incapacitated - to get the essentials done.  Services include:

Mommy-to-be /New mom
- Lifestyle Management  assistance for men 
- Personal Shopping 

More in-depth than the complimentary "meet & greet" phone consultation, this is where your space is toured and assessed, your problem/priority areas determined, and tips/appropriate recommendations made.

Suitable for those who want to work on their own and have the motivation to get things done, but just need a written plan of action(P.O.A) to implement.  P.O.A sent after onsite consultation is done.

An on-site one-on-one organizing session between the client and organizer.  It could be a single session or multiple sessions, and includes any or all of the following:
- De-cluttering: sorting & purging
- Maximizing storage solutions
- Space planning
- Functional furniture placement

***  For rates, queries or any concerns you may have, please call  
 (866) 252 8791
  or send an e-mail to

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